Tybalt Peake is a twenty-one-year-old skier, filmmaker, photographer, writer and car enthusiast. He has worked for the BBC, numerous outdoor brands, various national newspapers and was the social media editor for Trek & Mountain. He's best known for being the youngest Brit to sail the Northwest Passage when he was fifteen. He is a CAA PfCo drone pilot and has worked on many projects including shooting for the BBC. He caught drone footage, helped shoot and featured in a documentary about the eighty-two-year-old climber Eric Jones. He also has a clothing brand the Queensberry LIne

I left home a few days after my fifteenth birthday and have lived in and visited the most extreme places ever since. I left mainstream education when I was fourteen. I was never much good at classroom-based learning, and in fact I’ve run away from school ever since I can remember. When I was ten I was excluded for a full year because I was deemed too much at risk of disappearing into the wilderness. I’d sit in class waiting till I could escape and as soon as an opportunity arose I’d launch myself from a window or slip out of a door. From there I would jump the playground wall and run through the streets till I got to the countryside and head to high ground. The place I’d go most was a mountain I can see from my bedroom window called Pen yr Helgi Du. I've skied, climbed and biked since I can remember - growing up in Capel Curig, which is a small village in the Snowdonia mountains, has been a great place to do all that.

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