I am writing about the kit that I use and how it functions during months of extreme use.... 



Berghaus shell jacket – Kanchenjunga 

This jacket performs awesomely. It has clearly been made to both look cool and keep me protected from the worst mother-nature can throw at me which has been a lot in the last month. First of all, the jacket is an ace fit and is exactly the right proportions and doesn't expose any of my underlayers when I'm in awkward positions. The fit is enhanced by the adjustable hem drawcord, which I was easily able to use, even with just the one hand. The jacket helped shield me from the ferocious winds and rain which I experienced as we sailed from from Canada to Greenland, the wild voyaging felt at times like it would never stop. However I was always protected in the Kanchenjunga. The front zip was also easy to use which is always a relief in extreme situations and I was able to open and close my jacket even while wearing gloves or in extreme positions up the mast in the wind. The jacket has the right supply of pockets and this was useful as I could carry around everything I needed out on deck. The jacket fits well when I'm wearing a helmet, which is a must as I want to be as comfy as possible when climbing or mountaineering which is what I'm up to when I'm not on the boat. The other ace feature is that its not too noisy which was very useful when I found myself quite close to a huge black bear in Labrador. It meant I could move away without being noticed and then observe from safe distance :)


Berghaus hydrodown and hydroloft Jacket - Asgard Hybrid

This jacket is so comfy and warm. Sometimes I sleep in it all night as then I stay toasty. Berghaus need to make a dressing gown one! The jackets insulation maps my body and I'm often in it 24/7! It keeps me the perfect temperature so I can be doing chores but keep the elements at bay. The lightweight fabric, the stretch binding at the cuffs and the drawcord at the hem, are very comfortable.